Power System Studies, Power Solutions
Power System Studies, Power Solutions

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Short Circuit Analysis

 We utilize the IEC 60909 standards for industrial installations and IEC 61363 for marine and offshore installations during the electrical analysis of your power system. Our analysis can also include a DC short circuit study, which is necessary for battery or renewable energy systems such as BESS, UPS, UPSaaS, wind power plants, and PV plants. By following these industry-recognized standards, we ensure that your electrical system is designed and installed to meet safety and performance requirements. 

Power Flow Study

Power Flow Study is a critical electrical analysis, providing essential information for proper planning and design during various operating conditions. It predicts loading conditions, power factor, and equipment sizing, including cables, breakers, panels, and generators. This analysis is available for both AC and DC systems, providing valuable insights to ensure that your power system is designed to meet the demands of your operation.  

Selectivity Study

Protective Device Coordination, also known as Selectivity Study, is a crucial process in selecting and setting protection relays, breakers, and fuses to isolate only the faulted branch or area of an abnormal situation. This electrical analysis is typically mandatory and provides a positive return on investment for a range of industries, including industrial, healthcare, chemical, and oil and gas. By ensuring that your protection devices are properly coordinated, you can minimize damage and ensure a safe and efficient power system.  

Harmonics Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is used to calculate the amount of current of frequencies other than power frequency. This is a case for installation where lot of non-linear loads or sources are present like static converters, VFD or discharge lamps. It allows to size K-factor of transformer if necessary. It is the starting point for any correction action like system redesign, filter sizing or equipment selection.