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support for low and medium voltage systems

We support electrical system design with arc flash risk assessment by NFPA70E DGUV203-077, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, load flow and harmonics analysis to make it safe and reliable. We use latest best software in class like ETAP, SKM Power Tools, Caneco BT or Electrical OM.


Our focus on safety standards ensures optimal protection for all clients.

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  • Comprehensive Assessments

Arc Flash Analysis

Do you need arc flash analysis for power transformers, switchgears, protection panels acc.NFPA70E/ IEEE1584 latest edition?

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Power System Studies

Do you need to set up relay settings or breaker protection trip unit, verify power system design and for example transformers rating?

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Electrical Consulting

We can verify your power system design and recommend alternative solutions.

Upgrade your electrical systems with our expert solutions.

Do you need help with:

  • Arc Flash Risk Assessment by NFPA70E or DGUV 203-077?
  • Protection Studies for low, medium, or high voltage systems?
  • Power Systems Analysis in ETAP, SKM Power Tools, PSCAD, Electrical OM, Caneco etc.?
  • Short Circuit calculations for AC or DC networks?
  • Motor starting studies?
  • Grid Integrations studies?

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