What is an arc flash?

 Arc flash is a dangerous phenomenon that occurs when there is a sudden release of energy from an electrical circuit due to a fault or malfunction. This release of energy can result with intense light, rapid heat release, causing significant damage to equipment and serious injury or death to workers working in power systems. As such, it is crucial for anyone who works with electrical systems to understand what arc flash is, what causes it, and how it can be prevented.  Prevent your employees from electrical hazard and get your arc flash risk assessment by NFPA70E. 

Why Arc Flash is a hazard?

The electrical arc flash is associated with release of large amount of thermal energy (up to 19400 ℃) that causes copper and steel of the electrical equipment to melt and evaporate almost instantly. The result can be an explosion that can lead to severe or fatal injuries. It is a serious electrical hazard.

Our approach

We are focusing on providing solution from A to Z. Comprehensive arc flash analysis by NFPA70E, IEEE1584, DGUV203-077 of your electrical network provides insight into electrical hazard and gives you control measures for further decisions. In addition, we look into any concerns relating to short circuit capacity, protective device related issues and overall electrical safety. For any locations that have high arc flash incident energy, we look for improvements in process, software, or hardware areas. A solid safety plan incorporates not only arc flash hazard analysis recommendations, but also practical training for personnel who operate and maintain power system equipment. 

Arc Flash
Arc Flash