Arc Flash Analysis


What is an arc flash?

Arc flash is the result of an electric current that is passed through air when insulation or isolation between energized conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. The majority of arc flash events take place during or immediately after work on an electrical installation. An arc flash is often the result of human actions, such as a circuit breaker racking failure, misplacement of a test probe, or dropping a tool on live parts of the installation. Some work activities such as voltage testing, fault finding, and commissioning take place with energized conductors in close proximity.

Why is it a hazard ?

The electrical arc flash is associated with release of large amount of heat energy that causes copper and steel of the electrical equipment to melt and evaporate almost instantly. The result can be  explosion that can lead to severe or fatal injuries. 

MR Power Tech approach

We are focusing on providing solution from A to Z. Comprehensive analysis by NFPA70E/IEEE1584 of your electrical network provides  insight into the arc flash hazard and gives you control measures for further decisions. In addition we look into any concerns relating to short circuit capacity and protective device related issues. For any locations that have high arc flash incident energy we look for improvements in process, software or hardware areas.

A solid safety plan incorporates not only arc flash hazard analysis recommendations, but also practical training for personnel who operate and maintain electrical equipment. We offer both.