Power System Analysis & Protection


Short Circuit Analysis

Study used in electrical design phase acc. IEC 60909 for industrial installations or IEC61363 for marine&offshore installations. This can be extended also to DC short circuit study which is needed for battery or renewable based systems i.e. BESS, UPS, UPSaaR, Wind DG, PV plants etc

Load Flow Study

Load Flow Study  is one of the most common analysis in electrical systems. It helps to properly plan and design electrical system during various operating conditions. It predicts loading conditions, power factor, equipment sizing (cables, breakers, panels, generators etc). Now also AC and DC systems.

Selectivity Study

Protective Device Coordination  also called Selectivity Study is way of selection and  setting of protection relays, breakers, fuses in order to isolate only faulted branch or place where abnormal situation occurs. It is most of the time mandatory but it pays for them self in every system like industrial, healthcare, chemical, oil&gas etc

Harmonics Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is used to calculate amount of current of frequencies other than power frequency. This is a case for installation where lot of non linear loads or sources are present like static converters, VFD or discharge lamps. It allow to size K factor of transformer if necessary. It is starting point for any correction action like system redesign, filter sizing or equipment selection. 

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